Starting in May of 2023 McCracken Book Company will happily accept unsolicited submissions in these genres: fantasy, romance, cozy mystery. We are excited to represent all voices and are particularly interested in working with authors who would like to publish a series or make writing their career. We are a traditional publishing house and never charge our authors for publication. At this time we do not offer advances, but strive to offer higher than industry average royalty rates. Our standard royalty rate for authors publishing with us for the first time are based on Net Revenue and are: 20% for print books, and 40% for ebooks. Subsequent books have negotiable rates. We request that you have a finished first draft before submitting for consideration.

You may be a good fit for us if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

You have one or more finished drafts in the fantasy (adult and YA), romance, or cozy mystery genre.

You are writing in your “own voice.”

You want to pursue a career as an author and are willing to put in the work to make it happen.

You are willing to share the responsibility of marketing your books with us.

You are not represented by an agent.

If you have questions you please reach out to

When we start accepting submissions in May of 2023 we will ask that in your submission you include:

A short paragraph about yourself, and why your book is important to you.

A 1-2 page synopsis of your manuscript.

Between 10 and 25 pages of the manuscript that you feel best represents the story and your writing style.