McCracken Book Company is a brand new company in 2023! From now through the end of the year we are offering reduced rates to build a portfolio. The prices listed here will likely increase after that, so book us now to lock in the lower price! We do have limited spots for an even bigger discount in exchange for testimonials and/or the ability to use your work as an example for marketing purposes. If you have questions about this opportunity or would like to book any of these services, please email us at


McCracken Book Company is first and foremost a small press! To be informed when submissions open please join our mailing list. If your book is a fantasy, romance, or cozy mystery, we would love the opportunity to review your story and possibly publish it! We do not charge authors under contract with us for our services. That said, we know that traditional publishing is not for all authors, and we want to see everyone succeed. Therefore, we do offer various services for those who wish to self-publish. The prices shown are for you to estimate costs, and may vary based on your specific book and the level of editing needed. If you do not have a finished manuscript pricing will be evaluated on your estimates/goals. We also offer flexible payment plans on a case by case basis. For a quote specific to your book and/or a sample edit, please reach out to


There are many different types of editing that come into play throughout the process of creating a marketable story. For each type of editing our goal is to keep the author’s voice and the heart of the story. All edits we make for you are suggestions only and you may choose to use them or disregard them as you see fit. If you choose to keep 85% of the edits we provide, we kindly ask that you credit us in your book.

Developmental Editing

At this time, developmental editing is only available for fantasy, romance, and cozy mystery genres.

Manuscript evaluation:

This type of developmental editing is less in depth, but much more affordable. For a manuscript evaluation I will read through your book twice – once to get to know the story, and once to make notes. The feedback you will receive for this service will be in the form of an editorial letter (minimum 10 pages) addressing the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript. The investment for this is a flat $725 for manuscripts up to 100 thousand words. For larger manuscripts the investment is the flat $725 plus $0.005 per word beyond 100 thousand.

In-line developmental editing:

It starts at $0.015 per word. This type of edit includes:

Organization and structure of the story as a whole

Character consistency

Consistency with traditional genre conventions and market expectations

Tone and language for target audience

Guidance on plot holes


Copy/Line Editing

Copyediting is available for all genres. We combine copyediting and line editing. It starts at $0.0125 per word. This type of editing includes:

Style Sheet




Tense consistency

Character consistency offering suggestions if appropriate

Sentence structure offering suggestions on alternative language when appropriate


This service is available for all genres and starts at $0.01 per word. This step should be completed after your book is formatted and includes:




Light formatting changes

White space

Editing Bundles

Bundle either developmental editing and copyediting, or Copyediting and proofreading and get 10% off your total. Combine all 3 types of editing and receive 15% off your total.


Personal 1:1 coaching is available for all authors, regardless of genre. We offer coaching for any step of the publishing process from drafting through marketing. Just let us know what you need help with! We want to make help available to any author who wants it, so our coaching calls are priced lower than most available on the market.

One 30 minute phone call or video chat: $100

One 60 minute phone call or video chat: $175

Five 30 minute coaching calls: $400

Five 60 Minute coaching calls: $750

Email Coaching: We know that a lot of people choose to be writers because they are introverted, and phone calls and videos may not be the choice for them, but they still might want coaching to help get them over any road bumps. We offer email only coaching on a monthly basis. This includes unlimited emails which may include questions, conversation, and check ins. This service is $250 per month.