Who We Are?

About Us

McCracken Book Company was founded by Marisa McCracken in 2022. Our goal is to help authors build successful businesses. With expertise in editing, marketing, intellectual property, and contracts, we can help authors with every aspect of their business. We offer affordable editing services and one-on-one coaching to indie authors. Our services allow for flexible payment plans to make them more accessible to lower income and marginalized authors. In the future we will be accepting submissions for fantasy and romance novels for traditional publishing contracts. If you would like to be notified when submissions open please join our mailing list.

About the Founder

Marisa is twenty something from Washington State. She lives with her husband, Jared, and two dogs, Layla and Sullivan. She loves books, music, dogs, the ocean, and anything crafty or DIY. She holds many degrees and certificates and if money was no object she would be in school forever learning about different topics. She is on track to write 5 books (romance, fantasy, and one non-fiction work) and publish 2 of them in 2024. Her current fixations are pirates, buying a house, and PB&J smoothies.

Why Should You Work With Us?

We want to help find a way for anyone who wants to be a published author to reach that dream. We offer our services at low rates and provide as much information about the publishing industry as we can for free. We are educated and experienced and we have done all the research so you can spend more time doing what you love – writing.