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In-line developmental editing: $600 flat rate for books up to 120,000 words.This type of editing covers: organization and structure of the story as a whole, character consistency, consistency with traditional genre conventions and market expectations, tone and language for target audience, guidance on plot holes, and pacing.

Copy/Line Editing

Copyediting is available for all genres. We combine copyediting and line editing. Flat Rate $400 for books up to 120,000 words. This type of editing includes: style sheet, punctuation, spelling, grammar, tense consistency, character consistency (offering suggestions if appropriate), and sentence structure (offering suggestions on alternative language when appropriate).


This service is available for all genres and is $275 for books up to 120,000 words. This step should be completed after your book is formatted and includes: punctuation, spelling, grammar, light formatting changes, and white space.


Personal 1:1 coaching is available for all authors, regardless of genre. We offer coaching for any step of the publishing process from drafting through marketing. Just let us know what you need help with! We want to make help available to any author who wants it, so our coaching calls are priced lower than most available on the market. One 30 minute phone call or video chat is $100, or we offer email coaching. Our unlimited email coaching plan is $250/ month, but we also have limited plans available for less, just ask!